“Emoticons”, once not far away, were simply called “smilies”, because in reality they are “smilies”, or rather they were.
Now our smart phones, our “smart” allies, are equipped with a considerable number of these symbols that express our mood in text messages, WhatsApp and Messenger messages and also in e-mail messages. In the comments on Fecebook and Instagram we have reached the extreme point of not using words anymore, which are perfectly replaced by these symbolic expressions.

And without the “emoticons” we would still make it to live? Do not tell me that you do not dispense hearts, kisses, smiles, laughter, flowers and anything else every day? I would not believe it!

And so, these symbols are now an integral part of our written communication and replace our emotions, our words, our moods.
And here are some fashion houses have thought to exploit them to create new accessories for the coming season.
What am I talking about?

Here’s what I talk to you!

I’m talking about, for example, the boots of HOUSE OF HOLLAND collection FW 2017/2018

Cowboy boots (or “cow-girl”) with red cherries printed on a pink background

But apparently the gluttony for the cherries is so intense as to bring the Brand to combine them with a white and blue chess background.

Not just cherries, but also yellow flames with a red border.

HAUSE OF HOLLAND has really decided to amaze us (at least I assume this is the intent) with a model of black cow-girl boots with white stars and a white and red guitar applied to the outside of the boot. I swear it looks like an emoji in an incredible way!

DOLCE & GABBANA opted instead for flowers and hearts, as in these footwear models of the FW 2017/2018 women’s collection

Risking to limit sales only to those women who love their cat, but probably according to Dolce & Gabbana women lovers of their cat are very many; and for those who prefer dogs to cats there will certainly be a model indicated for them. I do not doubt it!

These are just some examples of accessories that have led me to reflect on why some brands have decided to follow this path. In fact, there are others.
MILA SCHON has proposed for the fall / winter 2017/2018 a model of décolleté with prints and applications of cherries (also she apparently is very greedy); MAISON MARGIELA presented a clutch with the symbol of “smile with sunglasses” and MSGM black ankle boots with large white stars printed.

Digital has now taken over even in the fashion world and in all honesty I’m a bit ‘upset, as this trend leads me to think of a lack of ideas from creative directors, but maybe I’m wrong ….


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