Today we are talking about the well-hoped and dreamed source “fountain of youth” to which so many women aspire!

Let’s forget the fact that now on TV or any other media, do nothing but talk about “miraculous” beauty or some kind of care. Pushed by my unconscious factor of scientificity of things, today we tell what is a real scientific source of youth.

Let’s talk about Cosmetic Technology!

In fact, we know that cosmetics are essential to keep themselves young, to have fewer wrinkles and to be able to stop the signs of time that arrive, alas, with the passage of time.

I have to make a small premise that I find obligatory but fundamental and that each of us could somehow touch. I speak of the creams.

In fact, according to a study by the University of Berlin, the creams are ineffective and the reasons are well explained.

According to the study that involved over 200 creams, most are considered “mediocre”, in fact only a minimal percentage of cream penetrates into the skin. The remaining dries and remains intact on the first layer of skin.

This becomes a problem because the beauty starts from the inside and if the creams do not come to touch the innermost layers, the result that follows is simply an external improvement on the aesthetic level.

Hence the world of cosmetics combined with technology and the merger of the two creating the Cosmetic Technology

This sector is based on the fact that many daily actions we do, such as putting cream on it, are non-scientific methods to obtain real results on the face and body. The WellStar philosophy, a German company that has embraced the cosmetic technology, is to be able to give all people technological devices that are easy to use at home, giving the same results as advanced aesthetic clinics.

The company vision is certainly tempting and ambitious considering the different habits of all of us but in my opinion has all the right credentials to break through.

The friends of have also written a free book where they explain the reason for all this.

I went to browse .. spies 🙂 and I read many truthful news as:

after 40 years the human body starts to stop producing hyaluronic acid
radiofrequency is a scientific method to reduce fat and girth
the skin is made up of several layers and only the ionophoresis technology allows the substances to penetrate
The devices that use are 3 (eye contour, face and body) and from what they say and I saw, already from the very first treatment you have fantastic results at the same cost of a very good cream.

Below the video presentation of the eye contour (eye lifter)

It ‘a unique product on the market, easy to use and suitable for all people who want to really reduce the bags under the eyes and have a brighter and more compact face.

The company also provides a kit for the corp (body lifter) that through the MPST technology also has various programs and technologies that pay very very well in specialized centers.

It is suitable for redefinition programs, for cellulite or for fitness programs of the new line that help muscle growth for those who perform physical activity.

Below the presentation video.


PS – for more information visit the website and download their free book.

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