The glossy magazines are no longer exclusively the prerogative of perfect faces and bodies, of little girls-models, in many cases unaware and unaware, that come from their dear mothers literally thrown into the spotlight of catwalks, photographic studios and of course social networks.
One point is certain and we all know: if you are not present on social networks you are nobody, if you do not have hundreds of thousands of likes and millions of followers you are nobody.
And so these dear and poor mothers, not only throw their beautiful and innocent daughters in the spotlight, but also in the meal to Instagram with the hope that they are torn by hordes of like and follower.
And if then these long-awaited followers insulsely leave their comments, it does not matter, the hundreds of thousands of likes are there and mothers full of pride say: “my beloved child has become famous”.

Dear Moms Have you ever honestly asked what your daughters really want? Maybe they want to become doctors, or teachers or even beauticians and surf the social networks just to have fun with their classmates, their girlfriends …
But I’m not a mother and so I’m probably wrong.
I’ve been and I’m a daughter, but when I was young the Socials did not exist, but there were books, dolls, friends, family .. But that’s a whole other matter …

We human beings are by nature incontinable, always looking for a new goal, always in constant pursuit of perfection, even if aware that it does not exist, we seek it and we want it!
And in the meantime the gorgeous little girls-models grow, the likes and the followers have to increase, the spotlights can not go out. And miraculously, while for us time passes by leaving its marks on our faces and on our bodies, the models, no longer little girls, bloom again as if by magic, thanks to the skilled hands of aesthetic surgeons and photoshopper.

Something has changed, however, and I finally add. Frankly, I am sickened by the usual images of aesthetically perfect and homologated women. One copy of the other … probably the same cosmetic surgeon and the same photoshopper … I do not know … How can I know? I do not belong to that world. Surgery, in general, scares me and the aesthetic, if not strictly necessary for real and obvious reasons, I do not agree with it. Do not believe that I like it, every day looking at myself in the mirror I would like to change this and then the other, I would like to correct something, I would like to eliminate, add and fix something else. But I decided not to resort to cosmetic surgery and I made the decision to accept myself.

Something has changed in the fashion system, in fact in recent years it is no longer the exclusive prerogative of models girls, models very thin, models with a perfect body and face (or perfectly approved in my opinion).
In Italy and not only were born agencies for models no longer young, elderly in some cases, mature women who have exceeded 40/50/60 years, on whose faces you can see the beautiful signs of the time, women aware of their maturity, women able to exalt their charm and sensuality with absolute awareness.
This new type of model is increasingly in demand in the fashion world, many designers who want to differentiate themselves using models mature for their shows, women who, although not perfect aesthetically and in many cases with gray hair, have the ability to convey a new concept of beauty.

And so in Brescia the agency LES MADAMES MODELS (@lesmadamesmodels – is born for women over 45, with the aim of enhancing the beauty of age, to promote the beauty of which every woman is the bearer far beyond youth.
And as stated by Valeria Sechi (@ grevy.0) (, one of the models working with this agency: “The population aging phenomenon imposes sustainable and credible models on the market. The gray models that, from Australia to the United States, passing through England, are depopulated on covers, magazines and catwalks. I invite all the photographers to measure themselves with a new concept of beauty, transversal to age, size and physical perfection. “LEAVING IN THE CORSIVE ARE NOT MY WORDS
And so here I am involved in this extraordinary project, always with my role as a blogger, but also as a model over 45, with all my natural physical defects and the pride of being a woman no longer young, not perfect, but aware that the beauty of a woman does not fade with age, but simply and naturally changes, changes and changes.

MUA (Make Up Artist): GIULIA TRUZZI @giuliettaohyes


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