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The appearance of things changes according to emotions; we see magic and beauty in them, but, in reality, magic and beauty are really in ourselves.

– Kalhil Gibran –


Barbara Bertagni

MODA is not the expression of the effigy Who am I to affirm it?

I’m present, it’s a must for me. My name is Barbara Bertagni, I was born in 1971 and I’m only 45 years old I decided to make a big turn in my life, creating in 2016 this small space in the big web world, precisely because I consider that FASHION IS NOT EXPRESSION OF ‘ EPHEMERAL. Such a difficult decision as much as I wanted. Deciding to open a fashion blog in a socio-economic period like what we are going through, I would say that denotes courage and certainly a pity of madness.

I have many things to say, I’m prolix by nature .. So I’ll tell you what I’m going to say on this blog: fashion trends, my personal interpretation of the trends of the moment, suggesting outfit tips and ideas, beauty tips and personal care, and I’ll also talk about art of emerging artists, all linked by a Unique conductive thread: beauty and harmony.


You will find out what I mean by beauty. Beauty, a term that, for me, contains many meanings, moods, lifestyles.
Each of us possesses a personal beauty concept and who does not love beauty? Fashion, art and lifestyle are, in my opinion, closely linked to each other; In some cases, even in an inseparable way.
MODA is not an expression of vanity and vanity, MODA is a form of art.

Fashion and art are closely tied to each other by the extrication of that side of the soul of which only some people are endowed: the artists.
Artists have the ability to express their soul through passion-guided creativity by transforming them into intriguing works of art and stylists.
Ladybb is the name I chose for this Web space and I colored it in black like elegance and pink as the sweetness, delicacy and the ability to savor the pleasures of life. Two colors that “dress” me to perfection. I love elegance and sophistication, especially for a woman; I love to appreciate all the pleasures that life decides to give myself and I have an innate irony and self-irony that allows me to see “pink” even where the “rose” is not there!

In essence, I decided to open this blog to give voice to a force that pulsates within me since childhood, but why not do it before?First of all, because when I was young, the “concept” of the blog did not exist, and secondly I admit that a comprehensive answer to this question would require a university diploma, if not even the entire Treccani encyclopedia, so I just confess my dream in the drawer: Studying fashion and design.

Like many dreams, this also broke with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Commerce and a professional career in a whole sector, to date, however!
Today, in fact, I am a blogger (not for strange reasons, but just because I founded a blog, of which I’m editor) and a point is certain: my dream will always be closed in that old drawer, but finally I managed to transform a Great passion in an activity that allows me to express and share my thought in the theme of FASHION.
I am aware that fashion blogger activity has long been a boon to young women, girls (in many cases), public figures, VIPs; But despite this objective awareness I still decided to found

I am also aware that the lack of specific studies is a “minus” for me, but I am sure that blogging is based not only on specific university preparation (but fundamental) but also on other factors.
As with all the professional sectors, the course of study is fundamental, but without any other personal characteristics a diploma or degree is merely a goal written on a piece of paper.
The other factors are innumerable and if you follow me you will probably find them.
One of the many reasons that led me to the decision to open a fashion blog lies in the changes that the Fashion System has undergone in recent years.

The Web, the Internet, and Social Media have determined, since the ’90s, strong socio-cultural changes, including the phenomenon of “globalization”, which has led to the uniformization of cultures, thoughts, lifestyles and The costume and therefore also the way to dress.
The Sociales allowed anyone of us to express their opinion on MODA, since before their advent, the Fashion System was a “closed world” elitist, almost mystical. We were presented as an unmistakable, unknowable world.
Now, instead, the Web has created a direct interaction between Brand and the public, almost a kind of dialogue that allows us all to be protagonists, with our feedback, about this “enchanted world”.
Therefore, you too, if you want, you can be the protagonist of my blog. Dialogues are more constructive than monologues.



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Each of us has a personal concept of beauty…

and who does not love beauty?


Some questions?

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