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“Contamination” one of the many terms of the rich Italian language that I find surprising.
It surprises me because it fascinates me and at the same time it frightens me, its different meanings attract me and at the same time they reject me making me bounce on my own convictions.
It scares me enormously to think of being polluted, infected and contaminated to such an extent as to disrupt my existing balance and my moral values. Because you believe me or not, I have some ironic principles that guide me avoiding losing the balance that the contamination wants to disturb.
It fascinates me, trapping and harnessing my mind that slowly moves away from the negative meaning of this term to welcome and embrace its wider meaning: fusion of different elements by origin.
It is enough to think of the literary contamination widespread among the ancient Latins (at that time the playwrights reworked the original Greek comedies drawing on other Greek works.), As well as the linguistic contamination (for example: the Italian word “greve” was born from the crossing of the Latin term “gravis” << grave >> and “levis” << light >>).

And what about the contamination between fashion and art? There is really a lot to say and many have already said a lot!
Shareable or not, this merger is a reality, especially in recent years. And so the Luxury Brands team up with internationally renowned artists, creating clothing and accessories for Capsule Collection Limited Edition. Well known are the collaborations of Gianni Versace with contemporary artists such as Pomodoro and Veronesi; as well as the collaboration between Trevor Andrew, American street artist, and the Maison Gucci, an artist to whom the creative director (Alessandro Michele) had turned to the creation of the FW 2016 collection.
Equally known, although criticized, the collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Jeff Koons, who created the MASTERS collection “disturbing” the main works of great artists such as Boucher, Da Vinci, Fragonard, Gauguin, Manet, Monet, Rubens, Turner and Van Gogh and then to admire great works of art such as the “Girl lying” (Boucher – 1752), the “Breakfast on the grass” (Manet – 1863), the “Water Lilies” (Monet – 1916) and so on you just buy a Louis Vuitton purse, wallet or headscarf avoiding going to a museum … The choice is yours …

I got lost in the maze of art and history, well … after all I was contaminated, as I was pleasantly contaminated by the professionalism, the passion, the initiative and the enthusiasm of two young women known by chance in Milan last September.
The case has made us meet, the passion and enthusiasm for our respective activities has linked us and so “merging different elements by origin” was born a collaboration, an all-female contamination!


The outfit I was wearing was created by the Fashion Designer MARTA GUENDA, a very young 23-year-old woman currently studying for the third year of Fashion Design at the LABA (Free Academy of Fine Arts) in Brescia. The Academy has commissioned Marta a project with the theme “Choosing a culture or a current able to contaminate yours”.
The outfit that I present is the result of this project.

Marta has opted for a colony of English pirates of the 1600s and has designed an outfit that could emotionally bring her into that historical context, but revisiting it in order to make it compatible with current fashion trends.
And so, driven by the desire to create a contraction between aggressiveness and softness, he realized:

a braided black faux leather body, with applications of original English coins (20 pence) sewn on the fabric (eco-leather) and two rings on the back for the weaving of the laces
a bias skirt with a cream-colored cotton fabric, to remember the sails of a sailing ship of pirates of 1600


My make-up was taken care of by GIULIA TRUZZI, 26, of Brescia origin. Currently, Giulia lives and studies in Milan at the MBA Academy as Mua (Make Up Artist) and has been working in this field for a long time.

“The chosen makeup I created after a careful study of the dress, I wanted to embellish as they were golden coins sparkling the eyes of Barbara, highlighting the particularities. Barbara has great eyes and a truly wonderful blue and so I used the colors and shades of the body. I have made a counturing more pronounced to emphasize the cheekbones and the entire upper part of the face leaving the lips completely naked. The hairstyle had to remember a mermaid and with her red hair from just the idea of ​​a queen of the seas. ” (Giulia Truzzi)


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