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EXTRAVAGANZA ORDINARIA is the theme of the new Spring / Summer 2018 collection signed by ALBERTO ZAMBELLI, presented last September 20th at Milan Fashion Week.
A collection that clearly perceives the designer’s decision to “detach” completely from the previous collections, renewing itself by focusing on “positive simplicity” (Cit. Alberto Zambelli).

The stylist recovers precious shades in a slow journey between the sun and the lagoon reaching the Venice of the Twenties and as in a portrait of Felice Casorati the light of the fragile, transparent and smooth skin emerges from the darkness of the background, with a large comb in the hair, caught in the suspension of a moment.
And so Zambelli thinks and draws a woman with a passionate vigor in a positive simplicity.

The lines are horizontal and vertical, round and square. Tunic, cape, pencil and box; while the lengths are mini, midi and maxi.

The materials, one of the plus that always distinguishes the Zambelli designer garments for their refinement and quality, are: mohair wool, poplin, chiffon, silk, organza, crepe, lace, frisé check and glassy canes.

The colors of this collection range from white to black, contemplating: the white salt, the golden white, the hematite, the glossy paper, the blue lagoon, the tonic orange, the nude cosmetic and the pink.

The white halls illuminate sufi-tuniques in poplin with a wide breath and dresses with generous drapes on the back.
Macro rouffle and ruffles in elegant oversize are designed by moiré jacquard woven ottomans and cosmetic organs.
Boxed tops in golden crepe coupled and lasered live are scanned by multiple strips.

Evident is the dialogue between plissé wraparound and round and snappy mohair wool and liquid chiffon decorated by combs in Murano glass vines.

The geometry of outerwear and minimal tunics is veiled by aristocratic checks that meet decò lace.

And very wide necks become carré resting on the shoulder in damier prints.

Inspired by the old millimeter paper, Zambelli realizes fil-and-fil filings in black and white, embroidered with jewel fringes as in the sensual transparency of energetic longdresses.

In my opinion, an extraordinary collection, not only for the choice of fabrics and colors, but also and perhaps above all because I think it reflects the needs of those women who want to dress for the pleasure of doing it, who want to feel unique with often unusual design clothes. and at the same time wearable, which decide to be caressed by high quality fabrics.
If you follow me, by now you will know that I often wear Zambelli clothes and then I confirm that I wear them for the pleasure of doing it, that I feel unique, that the clothes are wearable and that they settle on my body in a sublime way.

I had the opportunity to see these creations in preview and then to observe them carefully, to touch the fabrics with my own hands and therefore affirm with absolute certainty that, in my opinion, this collection represents a breakthrough for the designer and that it is really extraordinary, or rather it is: ORDINARY STRAVAGANCE.

I suggest you observe the hair style that Zambelli has chosen for the models. What do you notice?
A detail of no small importance: “a great comb in the hair”.
The ancient comb is one of the details that characterize this collection, which has been printed on some clothes and has been recalled in the hairstyle of the models.

Here are some of the images taken during the fashion show on September 20, 2017, for which I thank Alberto Zambelli and his staff for giving me this privilege and the photographer Mauro Gaimarri for their precious collaboration. – ​​



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