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It would certainly be easier to talk about the bags (or handbags, as you prefer) more glamourous and fashion of the new autumn / winter season, a child’s play (although in my opinion it is a game more appropriate to girls …).
Printed paper, social networks, web, fashion blogs are overflowing.

As well as overflowing with fashion trends. That’s why some time ago I preferred to ask myself a couple of questions:

Rather than dwell in telling you that Prada has not only focused on feathers and Chanel on silver for an astronaut look; that the furs will be a rainbow of colors (as last year, after all … if you want to browse on my blog …), the tailluers will be mostly monochromatic with soft pants and jackets with maxi shoulders for women with a masculine look ‘ 80s; that the 80s style will go hand in hand with the 70s of the patchwork prints; that the “mutton” bomber or coat will again be a MUST (alas … I have never loved it … and I do not change my mind this year); that red will be the color of next winter; that feathers and fur will embellish our feet enriching splippers; that Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Sacai, Off-White, Gucci and others have focused on total denim outfits.
Do you find all this anywhere or am I wrong?

I do not think I’m wrong and I ask you if you know HOW TO BRING THE BAGS in the next season.
What are maxi bag soft, almost like the pockets

or rigid, squared and trapezoidal

the bags will be “grabbed” as a clutch is generally “grabbed”

Or otherwise carried by hand

Now you know how you’ll have to “grab” your bag this fall, so avoid carrying it on your shoulder or on your arm even when you’re at the supermarket with the shopping cart overflowing; or on the subway at rush hour; or again when after a day of work you will have to go to “pick up” your child and his backpack and maybe even the backpack of his best friend.
“Grab it” almost as if to embrace it, as if to show that it is our property and that it belongs to us, as if we want to grasp it forcefully, to hold it to us … as do little girls with their favorite doll.



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