I’ve already talked about how I take care of my hair confessing that my natural color, golden blonde, has long abandoned me leaving space to gray.

It is inevitable! I am over 40 years old!

In my previous article I take care of Myself I have recommended you the products that I personally and normally use to nourish and protect my hair.
Today, however, I want to talk about what I use for the coloring of my hair, without obviously giving up their nourishment.
As EVERYTHING STARTS FROM THE HEAD, you have to consider your hair as an integral part of yourself, only in this way you will be able to treat them constantly and decide to entrust them with expert hands that use only professional products.

I usually entrust my hair to the professionalism and expertise of MELISSA SBOLLI, whose salon MELISSA MODA CAPELLI is located in Cremona in Via Alighieri Dante 163 / C – Instagram @melissasbolli –
Thanks to Melissa, careful and prepared professional, I discovered ELUMEN, a product born from the GOLDWELL experience that guarantees you shiny and healthy hair thanks to 3 fundamental principles:

– WITHOUT AMMONIA Elumen is the first color without oxidants able to illuminate the hair from inside
– MAGNET EFFECT with Elumen the color pigments penetrate into the depth of the hair and cling to it
– REPAIR EFFECT Elumen fills the porous areas of the hair and therefore improves its ability to reflect light, giving a natural shine to the hair

On a daily basis, our hair is “affected” by smog, stress, diet and lifestyle that are not exactly healthy and all these factors inevitably damage them insinuating themselves in the porous areas and dispersing their light and brilliance. If you add the age to everything … you’re done!

That’s why for me I chose ELUMEN: my hair is part of me, I love taking care of it, I want to have a “brilliant and healthy head” nosotating the age and despite everything!
I do not want to reunite with the pleasure of seeing my hair shine, I do not want to give up the pleasure of being able to caress and feel silk between my fingers … With ELUMEN you too can!

(Pictures taken in the MELISSA MODA HAIR salon)

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