In a society where “chat” has replaced “talking” and then to communicate we use the messaging services of Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, Linkedin, just to give some examples. And Sarahah, whose portal was born in 2016 and today is one of the most downloaded apps in the world, born in Saudi Arabia with the aim of sending anonymous and constructive messages from workers to employers, is turning into a double-edged weapon, but do not worry about it at the bottom of Sarahah means honesty.
Between the real and the virtual, you may feel ready to get on the first spaceship wearing the SILVER cloths of an astronaut

With boots with macro-heels and contrast-cut toe (Chanel) and glittery boots that light up your path on a dark planet (Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello)

Wearing a coat colored ZAFFERANO (Calvin Klein 205W39NYC) as if I were “Sherlock Holmes” I start on Instagram to find out if the fashion trends fall / winter 2017/2018 really exist

and I find out that “true blue is the new black” and overseas dye outfits will take the place of total black outfits for a winter “in blue painted blue”.

And that the “red passion” will be a MUST also for the season that awaits us.

And if Instragram, but not only Instagram, shows us the new collections at the same time they are presented in Paris, London, New York and Milan, what will be the future role of print journalists and why again today the magazines of fashion generally in August editions publish images on images that we social people have already seen in preview in the previous months?
Not knowing how to answer my own questions I’m looking for a sort of security in the two “non-colors” par excellence: BLACK & WHITE. Which are exaggeratedly disruptive lines …

or sober combinations in black and white, it does not matter, the two “non-colors” par excellence will still be protagonists.

The reality in which I currently live has definitely changed and changes without interruption, sudden and unexpected changes, more and more rapid overwhelm me and in some cases shock me, as the pacchianeria that is always hard to die. The ANIMALIER, in my opinion, is a perfect example of this. And here it will be one of the winter trends for wild looks with dubious taste in terms of elegance.

In a society of digital natives (the c.d. “Generation Y”) that lives in an imaginary world made of “digital cartoon” that makes impulsive purchases related to the latest news proposed by Social Media and that ignores the meaning of “Haute Couture”; in a society where minors in the Bio of their Instagram account write: “my dream is to become a friend of Anna Dello Russo”, I can say that real fashion trends are struggling to assert themselves with incisiveness and that will be the task of the Maison of Luxury of international fame invest to create season after season, collection after collection, real and real news, so strong, decisive, unique and unexpected to be defined “fashion trend”, focusing on the quality of fabrics, tailoring, design and looking to bring back some branches of production in Italy, where high craftsmanship is a plus not to be underestimated.


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